COLORIS GCC ® supports contemporary art


“Lunar Cycles” is the largest urban art fresco ever made in Paris by the artist Mademoiselle Maurice. 15 meters high and 140 meters long (over 2,000 m2).Coloris Global Coloring Concept® is proud and honored to have participated in this project for the building coloration with our CDB colorants.

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Coloration for sport ground coatings


Since 25 years we have colored the world 2nd edition


For this second newsletter we have chosen to present you an overview of some of our coloration of coatings for sport grounds worldwide.
In Europe, America, Africa and through the Middle East as well as in Asia, our USF colorants range and some CDB colorants are used to color indoor and outdoor floors .

Our colorants have become a real reference thanks to their high resistance to weathering, UV and abrasion ; as well as numerous possibilities of colors proposed from our colorchart 680 T.


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